Terms & Conditions

The objective of Ed Stapleton Bloodstock Syndicates (the “Club”) is to expand racehorse ownership to the next generation at a price everyone can afford. The following are the terms and conditions of all horses but if they cause any issues or you don’t understand how anything will work, please email us (syndicates@esbloodstock.com) and we’d be happy to chat through. Our promise to you is to provide the best experience your horse is able to provide to the best of our abilities. We also promise to ensure the well-being of the animals in our care.

By placing your order on esbloodstock.com, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions that apply to each sale on our website:

Ed Stapleton Bloodstock confers on unit holders a pro-rata share, in certain benefits, associated with the Club’s horse in training. The benefits of membership are:

  • An opportunity to race your horse in our colours together;
  • Information on our horse and trips to the races and trainer to see them;
  • Hospitality events linked to a race meeting or trainer stable visit will also be offered to members at commercial rates negotiated on a best value-for-money basis; free entry to the racecourse and access to the parade ring on a best efforts basis depending on attendees. Where more unit holders than tickets are attending the meeting, a draw will take place whereby each unit will have been put in a draw thereby ensuring those with a bigger investment will have a greater chance of attending while also allowing minority unitholders the chance to attend. We hope this will be limited in its impact to unit holders as we’ll work hard to persuade racecourses where we can, however there may be times it cannot be avoided;
  • A pro-rata unit share in 100% of any net prize money won by the Club’s horse and any net proceeds from the sale of the horse in accordance with the terms and conditions herein of an equity share;
  • 100% of all prize money won by the Club’s horse in training during the period of membership shall be distributed as follows:
    Prize money will be distributed once a year per syndicate; The sum allocated to unit holders will be the net total paid to the Club by the relevant Racing Authority (NZTR in New Zealand & HRI in Ireland) minus race-day expenses related to entry/supplementary fees and trainer, jockey fee and groom expense;
  • There can never be any guarantee of any future level of prize money given the vagaries of horse racing.
  • Each unit corresponds to 2.5% of the horse. The maximum number of units will not exceed 40. No person may share a unit.
  • Each horse will not be insured and shall run at our own risk unless otherwise informed.
  • Each horse which runs outside the country of the trainer in foreign travel is at the expense of the syndicate.
  • Failure to pay a monthly payment on the due date of the first of each month or before will see you issued with a payment reminder warning during which period you must make payment. Failure to make payment after this, a ten day warning period will see all prize money and equity interest in the horse be foregone (subject to the Club’s discretion only). You will still be liable for upkeep of the horse notwithstanding any non-payment and all rights will be reserved to pursue for this sum.
  • Failure to collect prize money shall see it retained by the Club if not collected after 2 years.
  • If a horse is offered as a lease, in the event of an offer to buy a horse prior to the expiry of the lease, while the syndicate members do not own the horse, they may vote to accept the offer to buy out their lease and surrender the remainder of their lease by a majority of unit holders (by percentage).
  • The syndicate is liable for all costs related to the sale of the horse. All sales of syndicate horses are subject to a 7.5% commission payable to the Club.
  • If a horse is offered as a lease, the lease shall expire on the date set out on the website. The monthly fee must be paid for the month of termination.
  • All-inclusive veterinary fees are subject to a threshold of $/€2,500. Exceptional veterinary fees will be payable by the syndicate .
  • Members must be aged 18 or over. Any person banned or warned off by any racing authority may not become a member of “the Club”.
  • Please note as you are a registered owner of this horse you may not use the inside information you possess to take advantage of adverse performance of the horse. You can of course back the horse to win or place when you deem appropriate from the information you possess.
  • Members of the Club will be expected to behave in a respectful manner on visits and activity days. Any member in breach of this may be removed from the Club, at my discretion.
  • Membership is primarily a personal entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity.
  • All decisions relating to the horses, trainers, administration, and general management, shall be vested in the Club (in consultation with the syndicate members but ultimately at the reasonable decision of the Club – specifically Ed Stapleton).
  • You agree to adhere to these conditions (as amended) by virtue of your payment for your unit(s).
  • If your horse is racing in Ireland, Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) requires your personal details for client identity verification, subsequent client management and communications from HRI. This consent is required to facilitate your registration as an owner with HRI. Please visit hri.ie for Privacy Notice.
  • In the event of winding up the Club, all payments to relevant Racing Authority – NZTR in New Zealand / Horse Racing Ireland in Ireland, the horse’s trainer and any other expenses will take priority over the distribution of funds to unit holders.
  • Ed Stapleton Bloodstock reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time subject to notice.
  • By paying your monthly or yearly fees you expressly agree to these terms and conditions.
  • The terms outlined in the page of the horse at the time of entry into the Club are expressly incorporated. The terms of the horse page supersede these general terms where they conflict.